Nature Writing & Drawing

by Paula Knight

My use of the word ‘nature’ here includes humankind, because although our species uses the word to separate itself from the natural world, my philosophy is that we are a part of nature not apart from it: As the dominant species, we are custodians of the planet with a great responsibility for its wellbeing. I’m interested in how to represent the human condition reflected in nature, but, from personal experience, I’ve come to understand that this introjection of states is only possible because we ARE nature. I explored this in my graphic memoir The Facts of Life (see ‘Swans’), in which I frequently used nature as metaphor.

I’ve been particularly interested in birds since seeing my first nuthatch at the age of nine, when I also drew a heron for my dad (he still has it).

I’m currently exploring my disconnect from the natural world as a result of chronic illness, and being housebound.

Inspirations & influences: Birds; Rachel Carson; Lucy Maud Montgomery; Gilbert White; Nan Shepherd; Robert Mabey; Alice Oswald; Population Matters; The Dark Mountain Manifesto (Uncivilisation); Extinction Rebellion; Chris Packham; The People’s Manifesto For Wildlife; Caroline Lucas; Robert Macfarlane; The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating; Norman Ackroyd.